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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  September 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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nice. >> i was hoping to get a little more but nice to have a cloudy day. we are bracing for some more storms today here in the valley. it's not over quite yet. >> and again we had a little rain out there and nicole garcia spent the day out in this weather and she joins us live how it looks right now. nicole? >> yeah, guys we had this ominous looking cloud cover hang above the valley all day. we have been watching the skies and watching and waiting for newton to bring those heavy rains and winds. i had my rain woods ready and umbrella. remnants of tropical storm newton did bring some cooler temperatures. clouds and spotty and sporadic showers. there was a cell that dumped rain west of maricopa. flooding several sections of state route 238. and at one point during the morning adot shut down a 20 mile stretch of that two lane county highway because of major flooding. adot did bring in trucks to pump the water out so the rains caused an annoyance for the truckers who use that particular
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truck drivers passing through pinal county where we are worried about stormy weather. there was a flash flood watch for a time. truckers were relieved that road conditions remained clear and those winds down there remain calm. >> i have been driving since this morning and came from vegas. it's different. more cloudy. and cloudy and cloudier. i see little bit of rain around because we are in arizona. >> driving for to days and we were in buckeye. it's bad but they said one of them had dissipated. so hopefully it's just heavy rain. i can make it through the rain. >> and adot had been bracing for some stormy weather. all of their freeway signs today had warned drivers to prepare for the adverse weather to come. but like we said, we got stood up except for those spotty showers in the morning. the valley pretty much dodged
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reporting live i'm nicole garcia, "fox 10 news." some pretty incredible video that just came into the "fox 10 news" room. this is amazing stuff. >> this is a funnel cloud that you just saw and look at that hanging eerily in the sky. john storm took this shot from a lookout tower. >> perfect name. >> john storm. i know. meteorologist. he took this from a lookout tower in northern arizona earlier today and he said the cloud did not touch down but can see it there slowly creeping down toward the ground. type of scene that you normally see out of the south and mid west but not very often here in arizona. quite a sight and perfect timing on john storm's part to get that video for us. some other pictures in the northern part of the state as well. this is from our viewer darla nicole clapperten. near the town of williams and you can see what appears to be a funnel cloud off in the distance. dave is joining us a little early to show us where the
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depends where you were, how big of an impact this storm had. >> some people got very light rain. some people got a little heavy shot here and there. if you were south or east of the valley, the areas that we said the heaviest rain would fall south of us and east of us once again picking up some of the heaviest rain from this storm. as you can see, still some scattered showers around. look at this thing south of us. that's a good storm system right here kind of popping up late in the day. that will happen. look at some of these numbers. three and a half inches. little over two inches. two and almost three inches twosh and a half inches and then get closer to phoenix you get .3 of an inch a little over an inch here. look at down by tucson inch and a half there. just about an inch. little over an inch north of tucson. then you get west of the city here, you don't see those same numbers. you see a little over an of an inch. here is .08 of an inch. we get .8 that is.
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some areas. they really start to fall off when you get into the east valley. you can see a little less than -- little more than half an inch and then less than half an inch in most of these areas. so it really was a pretty good storm there is tucson again with one and a half inches. a pretty good storm to the south and to the east of us. there is still a little something out there, however. we are keeping our eye on this moisture that's hanging around and we will be back with a closer look at that. all r and remember you can get our weather app. forecast any time you want. download our fox 10 accu-weather app on to your smartphone or tablet. it's free and the details are at on to a "fox 10 news" alert now a pinal county sheriff's detention lieutenant rushed to the hospital after being stabbed by inmates. investigators say the lieutenant was attacked by three inmates over at the pinal county jail and stabbed multiple times.
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and is in stable condition. it's not clear right now what led to that attack or any charges that those inmates will be facing for this we will keep you updated as we learn more information >> good chance you know that song. one. the biggest hits for blake is hotline bling. the rapper is missing a lot of bling. >> h concert last night and someone stole three million dollars worth of jewelry off of his tour bus as he performed in downtown phoenix last night at talking stick resort arena. our steve krafft joins us live from outside of the arena with a new update on this story. >> some breaking details that literally i received within the last couple of minutes. "tmz" is reporting that an arrest has been made in this
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transient. we are working to confirm that information with phoenix police. in this video from "tmz," you see the rapper drake gesturing after last night's show. he looks irate after someone made off with $3 million worth of jewelry and valuables and a briefcase on one of his buses on his tour with his long time dj, future of the prince. phoenix police won't say who the victim is. >> well, it was not the show was drake and dj the future prince. just to protect the victim's identity -- we don't release that information. >> somebody else who wasn't drake. >> correct. >> and not saying if it was d.j. future the prince. >> $3 million worth of jewelry? >> i don't know. >> police say the burglary happened sometime between 10:00 and 10:15 last night. and they caught it on video. was it an inside job? >> well, you can imagine the security that was already in
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combined with the fact that you would probably need credentials or an escort to get back to a lot of these protected areas. so that's something to be considered in this case. a lot of things to be considered in this case the suspect, a transient we are told would be looking at you would think felony burglary charges and begs the question how did that person get through the security and get on that tour bus and if the story is correct, of jewelry and valuables? a lot of questions to be answered. reporting live, steve krafft, "fox 10 news." sad update in the case for a search of the young man who disappeared while out boating at lake pleasant with friends on sunday over the long holiday weekend. the maricopa county sheriff's lake dive team recovered the body of the 27-year-old earlier today. he was a medical school student who took a swim while boating
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resurfaced. the family says he is an excellent swimmer and now they are hoping to learn more about what led up to their son's death. the race for president in arizona is now a dead heat. that's according to a new poll from the "arizona republic" and arizona state university. the survey finds hillary clinton ahead of donald trump 35 to 33 1/2% with nearly 23% of arizonans undecided. arizona has voted republican in every election since 1952 except for by bill clinton. the poll also asked voters about proposition 205. that is the one that would legalize marijuana. recreational use of marijuana by people 21 years and older. as you can see here 50% of people favored the measure. 39% are against it and 10% said they don't know. >> and one other proposition question was on there. proposition 206. it's a measure to raise the
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to $10 and then $12 per hour by 2020. that has greater support with 61% of people voting in favor of that proposition and just 31% saying they are against. the wife of democratic vice-presidential nominee tim kaine is campaigning in the valley today. and took part in a veteran's round table and hosted a round table called latinas for hillary at fair trade coffee and t national headquarters taking part in a women for hillary phone bank. holton served as virginia secretary of education. apple unveiling its latest phone. the iphone 7, the features that are available on the new version. >> do you have an auto loan? how much americans owe in debt
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are you an apple fan or apple fanatics there are a lot of them out there and today was practically a national holiday for those folks. the apple fanatics today finding out the tech giant will unveil its latest iphones and accessories. but some people aren't too happy with some of the new features. >> it's the best iphone we have this is iphone 7. >> i'm guessing like most changes people will have to get used to it and will because they love apple products. >> apple unveiling the long awaited iphone 7, it's water and dust resistant and features a new camera system. >> there is now two 12 mega pixel camera. >> one is the wide angle lens
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photo. the big news of the day is that apple will do away with the classic head phone jack. headphones will connect through the phone's lightning port and not everyone is happy about it. >> i think it's making people have to buy apple. i mean, if you want to use apple you have to buy their stuff. >> well, i have to buy an extra accessory to go with my $300 pair of headphones that i bought that apple owns. >> apple says the phone will come with an adapter allowing people to hook up old headphones to the new also showcased a new product called apple air pods. they are basically cordless ear buds. the pods will deliver five hours of battery life and cost $159. and good news for gamers as apple has teamed up with a big name in the gaming world. >> there is something or rather someone missing. and i'm so happy to announce today he is coming to the app store.
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just in time for the holidays. >> we just kind of picked it apart here. it will be expense five you decide to go with this new phone when you buy the new ear phones or earbuds. apple also announced today it's teaming up with pok?mon go. kind of feel like this is over, pok?mon go. it's already kinda -- run its course. players will be able to use their apple watch to play the game and track their steps. >> speaking of expensive, am trillion dollars in automobile debt. the average new car loan is just a little under $30,000. that works out to be a car payment of around $499 a month. and many people continue to turn to leasing which accounted for 31% of vehicle transactions. that's up 4% over the past year. well, remnants of the hurricane making it to arizona. still some rain around. we will take a look at how much
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where we think it's going.
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i'm... xxxx... we're working on some brand new stories for you -- tonight at working on some brand new we are work on brand-new stories. why don't you log on to our facebook page.
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of the ceo of starbucks endorsing hillary clinton for president. some people are calling for a boycott on the company and we will have responses at 6:00. plus when the news swim with dolphins attraction set to open in the east valley. things get a little hot at an indiana middle school. reaper peppers and then passed them around the school. the peppers are considered the hot ns the w0r8d. about 157 times. hotter than a jalape?o. so i mean -- 157 times hotter. >> just the name reaper pepper tells you are in for trouble. >> more than two dozen kids got sick. emts were called out to help the kids. >> well, hi, everybody.
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that story about the reaper pepper. 87 degrees. we are looking at winds out of the west at 14 miles per hour. it's 88 degrees in deer valley. 84 at gateway. we have 83 in apache junction. 90 degrees right now in glendale. and yes, there is still moisture around. you can see it working its way around that low pressure system and as that low moves through, it's kinda what we call the wrap around effect. that moisture kind of wraps around tha right back into the city and that's why we do have a chance of rain in the forecast through the night tonight. you can see a little stuff on the west side generating through the afternoon and see this stuff moving through the day just light sprinkles and showers in that particular area as you look out to the east here, you still see there is a little bit of moisture hanging around. and in fact some good storms in a few places. this area right here near casa grande, look at this stuff
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that is a good storm system. is that just south of us. now not headed in our direction. as you can see here there is still some moisture hanging around. it's still working its way around that low pressure system that was the hurricane at one time and we still do look at some flood advisories. this one until 7:00 this evening. and we will be keeping our eye on that area. there is still a little moisture around the future cast. very, very rapidly out of here and as you can seels here and out of here to stay. we don't see much moisture coming back in. at least until we get into the weekend. so that will be a change for us. there is still some wind blowing out there. 16 miles per hour at show low. at douglas 30 miles per hour. so very windy down in that area. 88 degrees on the high today. 84 at buckeye. 90 at glendale. 87 in the scottsdale. other numbers that we have for you, mid-70s in payson.
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81 in sedona. 73 at flagstaff with 76 in tucson today. 88 for the high. 77 for the low. 102 and 80 would be your normal high and low. record high 111. record low at 61. forecasting for tomorrow, mid-90s. we have some upper 90s in that mix as well. looking across the country, we are one of the wet places as you can see here and also look at that moisture across the northern plains. minnesota has had t days here of very heavy rain, pockets of pretty heavy rain coming in and giving them some trouble. 86 degrees overnight. we will be looking at an early chance of rain through the night tonight and early tomorrow morning and then 95 degrees for tomorrow as things clear out and then dry out as we head into the weekend. by sunday we could see more storm activity which will bring that temp down again.
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>> one of the most iconic dresses ever worn, there it is. >> that song is so fraught with tension and stress. >> i wonder what jackie was thinking during this. well that dress is headed to the auction block in november. it's the beaded gown that marilyn monroe wore during her breathless rendition of happy birthday to president john f. kennedy in 1962. the dress was that monroe had to be sewn into it. the gown is expected to bring in as much as $3 million at auction. >> makes it hard to get off when you are sewn in. somebody out there taking the threads out. >> the arizona cardinals kick off their season this sunday against the new england patriots. >> but the big red scored a touchdown with students earlier today. what the team decided to do. >> and later you can add another guy to the list of failed romances for taylor swift.
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introducing longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. some valley students. the big surprise today for some valley students. the arizona cardinals teaming up with a well-known grocery store chain to make sure school kids start the year off with a great start. anita roman has the story. the students at herrera elementary school gathered inside of the performing arts center this morning for a big surprise. >> every football player needs equipment so we are trying to
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pencils, bags. >> binders. you name it we are trying to make sure they have everything they need like a football player needs his helmet and shoulder pads. >> former wide receiver for the arizona cardinals frank sanders helped pass out hundreds of backpacks filled with much needed school supplies. >> we have 640 students that attend here and varies a lot. we have a lot of high socioeconomic and a lot low socioeconomic students that attend the school. >> the principal says herrera is a title donation makes a huge difference in the education of these kids. >> it's providing leadership. it's helping to fundraise and make donations through cardinal's charities. there are many ways we give back. >> arizona cardinal says for the team it's all about giving back and give together kids a chance at success. anita roman, "fox 10 news." scape long with donating the backpacks and school supplies which were valued at $10,000, albertson's safeway presented
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>> just in time for football season and new law that allows morning drink sales in new york city. alcohol sales. the bill will allow bars and restaurants to serve alcohol at 10:00 a.m. on sunday. previously it had been noon that was the earliest you could buy booze in new york and that actually works out well for football fans who like to hit the bars on sunday for a few drinks before the games. which kick off at 1:00 new york time. >> yesterday life. >> coming up, a woman who came face to face with yesterday's bank robbers. she speaks to fox 10 about the suspects pointing a gun at her. >> a staff officer is attacked by an inmate a better look at the exclusive video obtained by fox 10 and what new charges the prisoner faces. >> do you know which intersection in phoenix is considered the most dangerous? according to some people who use the new safety app, we will show
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tonight.. surrounding a police chase - that stretched tonight.. surrounding a new details surrounding a police chase that stretched from avondale to tempe. skyfox was over the scene as that chase came to an end. police using a pit maneuver right here to box in the driver and then police shot through the front window killing that who has been identified as steven del rio del rio pointed a gun at the officers and that's when the officers opened fire killing del rio. >> we are also learning new details about the two bank robbery suspects who police say bailed out of the suv during the chase. according to court paper work, it was this man right here. sergio excavateo who fired at avondale police.
5:30 pm
right here, police say bailed out near 65th avenue and thomas and is that reuben rodriquez and that's where police say he tried to break into a home to escape. our ty brennan spoke to the home owner who says that he she came face-to-face with rodriquez. that must have been one of the scariest moments of her life. >> when she was retelling that story she was trembling. both of the suspects are locked up here at the fourth avenue jail. now according to that paper work one of t reuben rodriquez jumped out of the suv and then jumped over a fence and into the back yard of that woman. she heard him knocking on the window and pointing a gun at her. >> look at me. >> it was scary. >> this woman still visibly shaken after coming face to face with one of the suspected imang robbers tuesday afternoon in her own back yard she was inside her house when she heard three loud knocks on her back window. >> i opened the windows and the


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